Welcome to the Rescue Crew!

Welcome to the Rescue Crew!

We are pleased to announce that we have rescued over 100 horses thanks to the contributions and support we have received over the years. We can only thrive with generous supporters like you!

Riley’s Horse Rescue and Story

Riley horse rescueMeet Riley, an 8 year old quarter horse that arrived at Peaceful Mountain on July 3rd from Massachusetts.  The family that owned Riley rescued him 2 years ago from New Hampshire after learning that he was being fed peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and un-cooked macaroni and cheese because his owner couldn’t afford to feed him properly.

Riley’s current owners were hoping that he could go with their daughter to college this year, but they advised that Riley developed ringbone in his front, right leg and cannot be ridden, therefore, between the cost of college and taking care of Riley, financially it was going to be tough.

Because these owners were so wonderful in taking Riley out of his horrible living conditions, we wanted to help them.

Riley has been examined by our vet and received a clean bill of health.  His previous owners gave him his Spring vaccinations, and he has now received his West Nile vaccination, and we have begun his vaccination for bottulism, which every horse that comes to Peaceful Mountain receives.

Our farrier has examined Riley’s hooves, and neither he nor our vet are totally convinced yet that Riley has ringbone.  Our farrier was  concerned that Riley’s hooves weren’t being trimmed correctly which, if it is ringbone, would just aggravate it even more.  Corrective trimming of Riley’s hooves has already begun which, in a few months will better determine if he does have ringbone.  Even if it is ringbone, having Riley’s hooves correctly trimmed should prevent any severe lameness from occurring.

Riley will be a resident of Peaceful Mountain for several months before he will become adoptable to allow him time to settle in and to also allow for additional corrective trimmings of his hooves so we can better determine if he has ringbone or not.  Once he becomes adoptable, Riley’s adoption will be restricted to the northern/central New Jersey area because, along with our other adoption requirements, an additional condition for Riley will be that our farrier is to be used to trim his hooves.

Riley is a wonderful horse and was one of the easiest horses to ever enter into our herd.  Riley got along with all of the other horses and all of them accepted him immediately.  He has a very laid-back personality and just takes life in stride. 

Rescuing Dylan and His Story

Dylan Horse ResuceMeet Dylan, a gorgeous cremello paint gelding with blue eyes.  Unfortunately, through very unfortunate circumstances and some really bad advice that his owners received, this horse, who is only 5 years old, wound up in the kill pen at Camelot.  We found out about Dylan on Thursday afternoon, paid for him on Friday, and picked him up and brought him here to Peaceful Mountain.

Looking back – Our Story

newsarticle 001When we bought our farm several years ago, we only wanted to acquire a couple of horses and a pony for us and my daughter. We never even knew horse abuse and neglect existed until we bought my daughter a pony.  Unfortunately, the couple we bought her from had run into problems finding and affording a boarding facility and for a two-week period this pony was kept tied to one of their deck posts in their backyard because they couldn’t afford to board her.

SER KHAN : His Rescue and Story

khan horse rescueSer Khan is a 25 year old grey registered, Arabian gelding.  He is adorable and one of the sweetest horses we have ever met.  We don’t think he has a mean bone in his body although, just like a typical Arabian, he is very strong-willed.  Khan is Giraffe‘s best friend, and since the two of them came here, we have been watching how much he looks out for her. 

GIRAFFE : Her Story, and Rescue

giraffe horse rescue

Meet Giraffe, a beautiful leopard appaloosa mare.  She is approximately 15 years old and has had a horrible life!  Giraffe was one of the PMU mares.  For any woman out there that has ever used the hormone drug Premarin, you can thank this mare.  For those of you who do not know what a PMU mare is, it is a mare that is kept constantly pregnant and is forced to stand in a stall 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months out of her 11 month pregnancy while constantly hooked up to a machine that collects her urine because that is an ingredient of Premarin – pregnant, mare urine.  You can find a lot of information on the Internet about Premarin, PMU mares, etc., but, to summarize, Premarin, produced by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, is an estrogen product prescribed to women to relieve hormonal deficiency symptoms associated with menopause.  Giraffe was approximately 4 years old when she became pregnant for the first time at the PMU farm she was at in North Dakota.  It wasn’t until she lost her 6th baby, that the farm had no further use for her.  A horse rescue in New York took Giraffe.  Later on, she was given to the woman we just took her from.  Although this woman owned her for 5-6 years, she became unable to afford Giraffe or her pasture mate, Ser Khan.  Neither horse has had vaccinations in over 2 years, and their hooves are in very bad shape because they have not been trimmed in over 2 years.